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Summer event began on July 11th, 2021, and ended on July 18th, 2021. It was the first seasonal event. There were 22 Items unique to Summer 2021, Although only 15 were really useful items, 8 of which are reskined auction house items

Misc Items[]

Scorched Rod: Used for trading for the other items at the blaze trader at spawn.

Summer Key: Gives Key items

Summer Gapples: Reskined Enchanted Golden Apple

My Dimension Creation Tool: Creates a dimension when placed. Has a cyan color, is a beacon and named "My Dimension Creation Tool"

Skull of Slylingual: The head of an admin.

Skull of ZERZZ: The head of an admin.

Skull of MFIVE: The head of an admin.

Summer Auction[]

Summer 2021 Celicary: Reskined Celicary

Summer 2021 Tribunal: Reskined Tribunal

Summer 2021 Dichotomy: Reskined Dichotomy

Summer 2021 Mercury: Reskined Mercury

Summer 2021 Stratosphere: Reskined Stratosphere

Summer 2021 Reticen: Reskined Reticen

Summer 2021 Hysteria: Reskined Hysteria

Summer 2021 Fulcrum: Reskined Fulcrum

Summer 2021 Gutteral: Reskined Gutteral

Key Items[]

Summer Helmet: Regeneration 2 Golden Helmet

Summer Chestplate: Strength 1 Chestplate

Summer Leggings: Resistance to Slowness Leggings

Summer Boots: Speed 2 Boots

Summer's Pickaxe: Unbreakable Golden Pickaxe

Summer's Bow: Power 7 Mending Infinity Bow

Scorlith: Fire Aspect Netherite Sword