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There are a multitude of rare items on the server, often being created in its infancy.

Rare items spreadsheet:

The Choppa[]

The Choppa Info

Owned by:[]

GnJake - 1

Infexify - 3

Kidkisser - 1

Wyldish - 1

Kakistocracy - 1

Artael - 1

Beta Tested Items[]

Beta Tested Eldrid - Owned by Infexify. Lore: "Shea did a little digging..." "Beta Tested"

Beta Tested Tribunal - Owned by Kakistocracy. Lore: "A death sentence in the palm of Kakis hands." "Beta Tested"

Dragon Egg[]

The Dragon Egg of PMC is owned by TRGhost0010.

OG Spawners[]


One exists, being owned by Jerry8282.


Place this down for Zombie spawner.


Three exist, two being owned by TRGhost0010, one being owned by GnJake


Place this down for Silverfish spawner.

Cave Spider[]

Six exist, one being owned by mtabud, one being owned by Infexify, two being owned by GnJake, and two being owned by OG_Destroy.


Place this down for Cave Spider Spawner.

Admin Heads[]

Slylingual Head: Owned by GnJake

MFIVE Head: Owned by no one

ZERZZ Head: Owned by TRGhost0010

Glitched Items[]

Summer Key - Only one exists, owned by Infexify, is a summer key that has no lore and only has the gold name.