ParadiseMC Wiki

There are currently 22 total gods. All but two were added at the servers release. They are gotten from using Components and Dragon Bones at various traders. (/warp Auction-House for Weapons, Tools, and Armor. -170, 68, -288 for Scythes, -182, 84, -303 for Bows)


Hysteria - Knockback Nausea sword

Reticen - Binding sword

Fulcrum - Hunger Knockback Axe

Gutteral - Famine ( binds food ) Axe


Acrosity - High Looting Axe

Terragon - High Efficiency and Durability Pickaxe

Terrafirma - High Efficiency and Durability Shovel

Mithos - High Fortune Pickaxe

Brackish - God Fishing Rod


Celicary - True Sight Helmet

Tribunal - Strength 2 Chestplate

Dichotomy - Slow Resistance Leggings

Mercury - Speed 2 Boots

Stratosphere - Jump Boost 2 Leggings

Solsta - Resistance 1 Regeneration 1 Helmet

Stellarium - Haste 2 Elytra

Consor - Resistance 1 Helmet

Miasm - Increased HP Leggings


Ravish - Weakness and Poison Hoe

Soliloquy - Blindness and Poison Hoe


Miriam - Weakness and Slowness Bow

Tether - Binding and Slowness Bow


Binding means you cannot use epearls to teleport for a certain amount of time.